iVideo. Do You?

Shoot & Share – Everywhere!

iVideo has a completely new and unique design, built to enhance every aspect of shooting, sharing and watching videos. You’ll move seamlessly from iVideo feeds, to player, to camera. Check out what’s trending, share your creations (or keep them private), see who’s nearby, follow your favorites, and join in the discussions.
Social view

iVideo’s main social view displays animated thumbnails of videos in a unique honeycomb structure. A single top level menu button (+) controls the menu system and moves out of the way at critical times. The list of video feeds are displayed by tapping the current feed name at the bottom of the view.

Feeds view

Pick your video feed from the list to change the content displayed. See what’s trending, the latest from those you follow, your own recent uploads, what’s nearby, or the full timeline. Or create a custom feed from a category of tags.

Menu view (slider)

iVideo’s menu system is designed to streamline operations and never get in your way. It is available while recording, during playback, or when reviewing iVideo feeds. Tap the top level menu button to display context-sensitive menu choices. To return to the social video feeds, slide its view to the left.

Filter view

Select special FX from a live wysiwyg camera carousel of options.

Split view

iVideo has a unique 4-way split screen mode, easily accessed by either a pinch gesture or a button tap. The split screen lets you pre-select filters for your video. Then just tap on the split screen to change filters while recording! And in player mode, the split screen can play 4 videos at once.


Your amazing new social video experience!

Tired of uploading to multiple video sites? Use iVideo to shoot and share all your videos. New videos are saved on iVideo, and can be auto-uploaded to your Facebook account and YouTube account (coming soon). And, iVideo saves all new videos in your Camera Roll or iCloud, so you can easily upload to your Vine or Instagram account, or anywhere else.

iVideo is brought to you by Prodigy Ventures™.